Interns - Coral Reef Research Foundation
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CRRF has been hosting interns since 1996, initially through MASSIP (Micronesia American Samoa Student Internship Program) administered by the University of Hawaii.  We are pleased that some of the Palauan students who worked with us through that program have now gone on to leadership positions in the conservation and management community of Palau. More recently we have been able to support a small number of summer student interns who are students attending Universities or Colleges in the US. These interns work hands on with active research scientists, learning skills and being encouraged to develop their talents in the sciences to benefit Palau in the future.

Past Interns

David Idip- 1995
Keobel (KB) Sakuma- 1996
Jason Kuartei- 1996
Greg Polloi- 1997
Andrew Polloi- 1997
Sebastian Marino- 1999

Emadech Beck- 1999
Shelly Shay- 1999, 2000
Alexandra Chitty- 1999, 2000
Nelly Kerradel- 2000
Scott Kiefer- 2000
Kara Miller- 2007

Monica Bismark- 2008
Vayze Patris- 2010
Maya Higgins- 2011
Persis Omelau- 2012
Leah Meth- 2012
Irakl Uong- 2013

Branden Patris- 2014
Kyarii Ramarui- 2015, 2016
Olikong Dolmers- 2017
Dirruul Albert- 2017
Seung-Jin Hong- 2017
Olivia Lenz- 2017